Additional Information About Your Order

Shipping is not included and is based on your location and how many units you want to purchase. We are currently shipping 2 weeks after a paid order. We accept payment by check through the mail or Mastercard and Visa by phone. All orders must be by phone or email.
Each cart is large enough for both children and adults, or even an adult with a small child. The carts are heavy-duty roto-molded for durability and the edges are rolled under to prevent any sharp edges and give strength to the cart. The frames are galvanized steel with a 2″ ball and coupler to securely lock them together. The tires are regular 8″ tires that we use for boat trailers. Each cart has excellent tracking and precisely follows the first cart within an inch. We do offer oversize tires for an additional $60.00 per cart. These tires are fatter to give better traction on rough terrain.
Following are dimensions for carts:
Single Cart with regular tires: Double Cart with Wide Tires:
L – 64″ L – 80″
W – 40″ W – 68″
H – 37″ H – 37″
Keep in mind that prices on our website are for retail purposes only and when you purchase in quantity, we are happy to give you a discount on 8 or more carts. Below is a recap of pricing. The prices of Terrainables Carts vary depending on how many you would like to order. The break-down is below. A paid order is usually shipped in 3 weeks or less.
1-8 Single Carts $695.00 ea. + Shipping 1-4 Double Carts $1,390.00 ea. + Shipping
9 – 16 Single Carts $649.00 ea. + Shipping 5-8 Double Carts $1,298.00 ea. + Shipping
17+ Single Carts $599.00 ea. + Shipping 9+ Double Carts $1,198.00 ea. + Shipping
** Lead Cart is $20.00 more and has a 16″ longer tongue to keep the tow vehicle away from passengers. Double Carts are 16″ longer and do not require a Lead Cart.
** Oversize tires are an additional $60.00 per cart.
Your choices are:
Single or Double Carts (can be seen on our Facebook page below)
Regular or Wide Tires
Cart Color and Seat Color
The following colors are available for the carts:
red, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, lime, and orange
These are the seat colors:
red, yellow, green, blue, purple, lime, orange, and black
Thank you for your interest! We hope to hear from you soon.

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